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Transmission Repair

Chicago highways can be hard on your truck. Whether you're stuck in rush hour traffic or dealing with with hazardous winter conditions, the last thing you want is a transmission problem. Not only are transmission repairs among the most expensive, they can also quickly lead to total failure if the problems aren't fixed early.

Midwest Truck Repair has the experience and knowledge to accurately diagnose your truck's transmission issue and offer roadside mobile truck repairs at affordable prices.

When we inspect your transmission, we not only look at the transmission, but all aspects of your drive line system. we inspect your rear differential, driveshaft, axles and other components that the transmission feeds into. What you think is a transmission problem may very well be a driveshaft, u-joint or differential issue at it's core.

Without the understanding of the entire drive line system and how it works together, you'll be spending time and money that you shouldn't be. And problems with a differential can be disastrous to you and your cargo.

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Diesel Semi Truck Mechanics available 24/7

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When you’re hauling valuable freight on a tight schedule, the last thing you want is for your truck to have problems. And transmission problems are among the most expensive semi truck repairs. It's important that you as a driver know the signs of transmission trouble before they turn into expensive rebuilds or replacements. If you suspect your truck has transmission problems, here are a few signs to look out for:

Inconsistent Shifting:

Whether your truck is manual or automatic, inconsistent shifting patterns are a definite sign of trouble. Things like long shift intervals, engine revving in between shifts and gears slipping can all involve either mechanical transmission problems or even an issue with the on board computer, sensors, or wiring.

Unusual Transmission Noises: 

Semi-trucks are inherently loud but you need to know the difference between the normal engine sounds and sounds that indicate trouble. Any unusual noises you hear while shifting need to be looked into. Especially if you are hearing a grinding or squealing noise. These types of sounds generally indicate that there is a mechanical failure somewhere within the transmission itself. Common failures include the pilot bearing or other parts that, if not fixed early, will cause major transmission damage including complete failure.

Leaking Transmission Fluid: 

When your truck has dirty or inadequate transmission fluid, you can experience considerably rough shifting. As part of your routine maintenance checks, look for signs of leaks and inspect the condition of the transmission fluid, which should be a reddish color. While leaks can be fixed easily early on, it’s important to avoid serious problems with proactive commercial truck repair.