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Semi Trailer Repair

We all drive our personal vehicles, and yet most of us are not mechanics. Well, the same applies to those who drive big rigs! But there are some common problems that you'll come across when dealing with your trailer that you can easily fix, or avoid altogether.

Your trailer is home to the freight you haul every day. We take the integrity and structural soundness of your trailer and frame seriously. If your doors break or malfunction, your cargo is at risk of damage. Let one of our mobile trailer repair technicians replace your door. We will find the exact fit parts for any door on any truck through our extensive network of parts suppliers.

Leaky roofs are another common repair. Whether it is composite, fiberglass or aluminum roof, we can repair or replace it to avoid more expensive damage and future repairs.

Trailers need maintenance and attention the same as the rest of the truck. And with proper use, regular maintenance, and repairing components as soon as it’s needed (rather than waiting until the damage gets worse), you will keep your trailer and your business running smooth.

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Diesel Semi Truck Mechanics available 24/7

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Common Trailer Malfunctions

Door Repairs

Door malfunction can mean a loss of cargo. loading and unloading at different docks can spell trouble for your doors if they aren't properly secured. We can do repairs on any curtain, swing, and roll up doors.

Trailer Brake Repairs

If your trailer brakes have problems, it can mean big trouble when carrying a full haul. We do routine maintenance and full replacements of any trailer brake parts and components.

Lift Gate Repairs

Nothing is more frustrating than getting to your destination and realizing your lift gate isn't working. Whether it's stuck in the down position, won't raise properly or even if it just needs to be cleaned and inspected, we have you covered.

Structural and Trim Parts

Decking on the floor of your trailer gets beat up every day by forklifts, pallet jacks and heavy loads. If you're in need of interior structural repairs we'll take care of it. And don't forget about those missing trim parts you've been ignoring. Call Midwest Truck Repair and we can get you put back together in no time flat.

Air System Repairs

Your trailer has it's own system of pneumatic air lines and hoses that are often prone to failure. If you need new fittings, a new hose, or even a new hand valve or rolling gear, we have you covered. Our extensive network of parts suppliers means we'll get the parts faster and be able to get you back on the road quickly.

Electrical Components

Trailer wiring is not too complicated, but can turn into a serious safety issue if your lights or warning indicators aren't working right. We know the electrical circuits on semi and heavy duty trucks very well, and we can accurately diagnose and fix any electrical problem you might have with your trailer.