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Suspension Repair

Chicago can be a tricky place to drive a big truck. Sharp turns, bumpy road conditions and heavy traffic can cause extra wear and tear on your suspension components.

When your truck goes down and needs suspension done immediately, call the experts at Midwest Truck Repair. As an expert mobile truck repair shop, we've done repairs and replacements on all different kinds of suspension systems. From traditional leaf springs to air springs, we can handle it all.

Suspension in big trucks is a rather simple system. There aren't too many mechanical parts that can fail, but even one small flaw in the system can quickly domino into larger problems.

Maintaining shocks and air springs regularly will hep prevent most premature suspension problems. Most of the large suspension parts like axles and drive shafts are designed to outlive the life of the truck.

But the smaller parts like the shocks and bushings, though smaller, still have a big job to do. When the shock absorbers start to leak and bushings start to wear out, you'll know it right away.

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Suspension on your truck should be inspected every 6 months to look for any loose fittings, bolts or leaking components. Though it isn't always easy to see whether a bolt or fitting has busted loose, there are a few tell tale signs that things aren't tight.

If you see rust coming from a bolt or joint, it's a sign that air is getting in between and it's time to tighten them up again. Also any differences in the look of the bolts and fittings can be a sign. If all the bolts look dirty or rusted except for a few, those might be the ones that need tightened.

Bolts and fittings have to be torqued to a specific load, so having them done by one of the best mobile truck shops in Chicago only makes sense.

We'll let you know if your fittings can benefit from being greased and tightened, or if it's time for new ones altogether.

Common Causes of Suspension Problems

Air Spring Failures

Steel springs are tough, but they are still prone to failures like any other component. Rusted or broken frame hangars along with cracking and corrosion will effect other components and result in premature suspension failures. When it comes to air springs, the bushings and alignment need to be periodically checked to ensure everything is in order. Air springs typically fail due to other failures that directly effect the air springs.

Air lines and fittings can break loose and start hitting the air springs, leading to tears and ripping of the rubber bellows. Bushing wear out and can also cause damage as the air spring gets out of alignment. A common problem found in air springs is over extension of the air spring, typically because of a broken shock absorber. When the shock breaks, the air spring is allowed to move too far and the membrane of the air spring tears.

Shock Absorber Failure

To keep shocks in good working condition, they should be a part of your regular maintenance routine. Not only can the mountings and bushings wear out over time, the shock itself can fail internally if not properly greased.

When the bushings and mounts begin to fail, you'll notice banging or clunking noises when turning or going over bumps. Ride handling will suffer and you'll likely feel more of the road bumps in the pedals while driving.

If your shocks have a lot of dirt or dust on the lower tube, that could be a sign of leaking fluid causing it to pick up road dirt and debris. If this is the case, you need to have them replaced ASAP> Driving with bad shocks can quickly cause other major components to fail, which can be much more expensive to repair.