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We know roadside truck repair can cost you vital time and money and keep your business from thriving. Our goal is to provide a quality service at affordable rates so you can get back on the road as quickly as possible. We have the largest network of parts providers in the surrounding area to ensure problems are resolved in the quickest time by any means necessary!

We work closely with dispatchers, fleet managers, independent drivers, and breakdown departments to guarantee the best results for your company no matter what the problem is.

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Mobile Semi Truck Repair

All of your repair and maintenance needs can be handled by our highly skilled mechanics right at your location! On a daily basis our trained technicians tackle jobs far and wide; everything from glad hand replacement to more complex things like radiator replacements and trailer and suspension repairs! Put your mind at ease and make the first call the right one. Truckers 24 Hour Road Service located in the Los Angeles area.

We know breakdowns can happen while on the road and when they d o, they put your business and your reputation at risk. If you’re in the LA area and have diesel engine problems, transmission and driveline trouble, electrical problems or mechanical issues, trailer repairs, cooling system issues, suspension or hydraulic semi truck problems, we’ll make sure the problem is accurately diagnosed and repaired the first time.

24 Hour Roadside Truck Repairs

Diesel Engine

Diesel engines are no doubt tough as nails, but they still wear out and need repairs sometimes. For semi truck engine repairs, call the best mobile truck mechanic in California.

Radiator/Cooling System

Overheating is a very common problem with big rigs and heavy duty trucks. Heavy loads of cargo can cause hose leaks and mechanical cooling part failures. Call today and we’ll come to your location!


If you are having suspension trouble while en route to your next stop, call us today and we’ll get your truck balanced out and fix up your bumpy ride while you grab a bite. Call today for immediate dispatch to your area.

Air Brakes

Truck brake failures are no joke. Don’t let a neglected brake repair cause an accident. We offer emergency brake repairs for semi trucks and we can even fix trailer brake problems while you wait.

Electrical Trouble

Your truck has a complex network of electrical wires and circuits. So if your lights are flickering or your truck is hard starting, call us today to come out and diagnose your electrical truck repair needs.

Trailer/Truck Body

A structurally secure trailer is a critical part of your success as a truck driver. We can handle all manner of trailer and trim repairs from faulty lift gates, loose trim parts, and even trailer air suspension repairs.

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semi truck getting engine repairs done on side of highway in California

Engine Repair

Our mobile truck mechanics have experience working with all kinds of engine repair and maintenance. We have the tools to properly diagnose and repair any engine problem that puts your truck out of commission.

Diesel engines are extremely reliable, but regular maintenance and repairs are needed if you want to keep your truck in top shape. Oil changes must be done on schedule and filters have to be cleaned or replaced at the proper intervals.

Since diesel engines don’t have electric engine components like spark plugs, wires, and ignition coils, there are fewer parts to maintain. But you still need to keep a regular maintenance schedule to avoid costly repairs down the road.

We can handle problems like fuel delivery issues, leaking gaskets and hoses, engine cooling problems, dirty fuel injectors, and hard starting. When you have a diesel engine failure, it’s important to have the right person working for you.

If you are experiencing any of the problems listed below, call the best mobile diesel mechanic in Los Angeles to have your engine diagnosed and repaired.

Engine Overheating

If your engine gets too hot, your cooling system needs to be inspected for leaks or faulty parts. Radiator leaks blockages, worn belts or even worn tires can put undue load on the engine and cause it to overheat. Cooling fans often malfunction because of faulty motors, fuses or relays. Even the excessive summer heat can wear heavily on your truck’s cooling system.

Hard Starting

When your engine won’t start or starts hard, that’s another clue something is off.  Electrical problems with a battery or starter can disable a semi truck very quickly, but the repairs are usually not difficult and can be repaired in a jiffy.

Engine Smoking

If your truck smokes excessively under normal conditions, that’s a sign something internal needs to be fixed. Depending on what color the smoke is will determine if the problem is related to fuel injector problems, worn piston rings or cylinders or a loss of compression or issues with engine timing.

Oil Leaks

Oil leaks are also a sign that something needs to be repaired. It can be something simple like a new bolt or drain seal, or it could require more significant repairs.  If these parts are in poor condition, they’ll put excessive strain on the engine, which can quickly lead to major engine damage.

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Trailer Repair

Wear and tear on lift gates, suspension, electrical systems, and structural components can create emergency trailer repairs. Make sure your deliveries stay on schedule with our trailer repair service.

Your trailer is an important part of your job as a truck driver, so when you need trailer repairs in the Los Angeles area, whether it’s electrical issues, brake problems, or suspension woes, call Truckers 24 Hour Road Service to get your trailer back in tip-top shape in no time at all!

Sometimes a breakdown isn’t caused by an engine problem, but instead an issue with your trailer. Don’t let these pesky trailer repairs sideline you unexpectedly. Our mobile truck mechanics in Los Angeles have the tools and expertise to accurately diagnose and repair your trailer when you get stuck roadside.

Here are some of the most common trailer repairs that we do.  If you have one or more of these issues or even something that isn’t listed, call right away and we’ll get you back on the road ASAP.

group of dry bulk trailers parked in Dallas Texas

Trailer Doors

Securing your cargo is one of the most important parts of your job, which is why it’s so important to make sure your trailer doors are solid and in good working order.  A damaged door can quickly put you out of service and get you off schedule the same as a major engine problem.

Trailer Floors

Though the floor of your trailer isn’t something you think about too much, if it gets damaged, it can put your whole load at risk of being lost or damaged.  The safe arrival of your cargo depends on a sound floor. We can handle any dry bulk trailer repairs you might have. The floor of your trailer is an important part of your truck. A trailer floor can mean the difference between the safe delivery of your good or a lost or damaged load. Trailer floors can be made of timber, aluminum, stainless steel or other strong metals, and they need to be inspected periodically for structural integrity and safety.

Driving Lights

Lights are one of the most important parts on your truck, especially if you drive late at night or in the early morning.  Lights keep you and other drivers safe on the road by alerting them to exactly where your truck starts and ends. Electric problems can wreak havoc on your trailer’s lighting and brake systems too. Don’t let these trailer repairs go unaddressed.  If your lighting system isn’t working properly, whether it’s a couple burnt out bulbs or a more serious electrical problem, call us today to have it diagnosed.

Trailer Brakes

You rely on your truck brakes a lot, especially when hauling a full load.  A loss of braking power can mean the difference between safely being able to stop and having a serious accident.  Your trailer brakes handle a lot of stress dealing with the massive weight of commercial truckloads. Your braking system needs to be checked and maintained regularly to make sure you have the stopping power to handle your cargo load. We can repair any trailer brake problems and even do routine maintenance while we’re at it. Don’t let your trailer brakes wear out without having them checked regularly.  It’s better to change them early than to risk your safety and the safety of other drivers.

Suspension / Air Ride

Your suspension system is made up of many parts that contribute to both ride comfort and safety.  Your truck sees a lot of miles, which causes a lot of wear on springs, shocks, bushings, and linkages.  Air leaks and loose suspension can also spell trouble when transporting goods cross country. Leaking air hoses, loose cables and worn bushings all need to be 100% so you can safely make it to your destination. Carrying heavy loads and dealing with the rough terrain of hills and mountains means these parts are subject to wear and tear much quicker than normal vehicles.  When you have suspension problems on your trailer, we can get you fixed up and back to 100% capacity while you wait.

Trim components

Trim pieces often take damage during transport and loading/unloading. Bumpers take heavy hits, wing flaps are knocked around and reflectors are often busted from normal day to day operations. Let our technicians put your trailer back together so it looks and performs its best.

Truck Air Brake Repairs

The importance of the air brake system on a semi truck can’t be overlooked. Since your truck can carry such tremendous weight while fully loaded, it’s important to have an air brake system that is fully functional. When your truck’s air brakes start to fail, driving safely becomes a difficult task.

Brake failures are a common cause of truck accidents and may lead to very costly lawsuits, injuries and even death. These terrible instances can all be avoided by properly maintaining your truck’s brake system and having air brake repairs done at the first sign of trouble.Since diesel engines don’t have electric engine components like spark plugs, wires, and ignition coils, there are fewer parts to maintain. But you still need to keep a regular maintenance schedule to avoid costly repairs down the road.

Truckers 24 Hour Road Service will immediately dispatch a service technician to your location in the Indianapolis metro area so you can continue your route in the safest possible manner. Our mobile truck mechanics have the skills and experience to fix your brakes quickly and efficiently.

The way the air brake system functions present more opportunities for problems than traditional vehicle brake systems. The use of multiple couplings, airlines, and cables mean that more time must be spent on inspections, maintenance and repairs to make sure the entire system is sound.

*CFR 49 393.43– Every motor vehicle, if used to tow a trailer equipped with brakes, shall be equipped with a means for providing that in the case of a breakaway of the trailer, the service brakes on the towing vehicle will be capable of stopping the towing vehicle.

Parking brakes and emergency brakes are also affected when the air brake system malfunctions. Since the emergency brake system is *required by law to be in good working order, it becomes even more critical to maintain your air brakes.

Let the professionals at Truckers 24 Hour Road Service diagnose your air braking system. We’ll make sure everything is up to par, not just the parts that need repair. We can even do the maintenance on your air brakes when doing other repairs or maintenance work.

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Air Suspension Repairs

If you need suspension repairs on your truck in the Indianapolis area, call Truckers 24 Hour Road Service and we’ll dispatch a mobile truck mechanic immediately to your area.

The suspension system on your truck is important for two main reasons. First, it keeps the ride comfortable and second, it keeps the ride height consistent so your loads are safely transported. Air spring can wear out over time and when they do these two main areas will be significantly affected. Some common problems you might experience when your suspension system needs repairs are:

Truck suspension repairs being performed roadside

Truck Riding Low

If your truck feels like it’s not balancing a load properly or feels like it’s leaning to one side or the other, you have a compressor problem or something is wrong with one of the air springs. Either problem will need to be repaired immediately to maintain a safe ride for you and your cargo.

Truck Riding Rough

One of the main functions of the suspensions system in your truck is to maintain a comfortable ride. So when you start to feel each bump and rough patch on the road, you might have a problem.

The System Is Leaking Air

It’s called air suspension because the entire system depends on constant air pressure to operate properly. When there is a leak in one of the lines or fittings, you may have one or more of the above symptoms. Fortunately, leaks are relatively simple to diagnose and fix.

Air Springs Burst

If your air springs blow, it’s typically caused by overloading your trailer. It’s important to know the load limit to your springs and always ensure you aren’t going over that weight. This is one problem you want to avoid at all costs.

Semi truck transmission components

Transmission & Driveline Repairs

If you need transmission repairs in Indianapolis or the surrounding areas, call Truckers 24 Hour Road Service. Our mobile truck technicians will diagnose your transmission problem and hopefully get you back on the road quickly.

Transmission failures are never sudden. There are always signs that something is wrong before you end up on the side of the road. Regular transmission maintenance is crucial to getting the most mileage from your truck. There are so many moving parts and components that make up your transmission, it only takes a small malfunction to put you in serious trouble.

Heavy loads and harsh road conditions are hard on your transmission. When you start having problems like those listed below, get it checked right away. Don’t wait until it’s too late and your transmission needs to be replaced because you ignored the problem when it could be fixed. We have the tools and experience to diagnose and repair any transmission trouble your truck might have.

Transmission fluid is the lifeblood of your truck’s drive train. When the fluid in the transmission is compromised, it’s only a matter of time before you start experiencing shifting problems. Maintaining your fluid level and having routine filter changes done will help avoid costly repairs down the line.

Common Truck Transmission Problems:

  • Loss of power during acceleration
  • Transmission won’t shift into gear
  • Transmission slippage
  • Truck won’t move
  • Delayed or hard shifting
  • Transmission grinding
  • Transmission fluid low or leaking

Roadside Truck Repair

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Liftgate Repairs

When you need liftgate repairs in the Los Angeles area and, call Truckers 24 Hour Road Service.

Liftgates don’t break too often, but damage from normal wear and tear can cause problems. Having a liftgate that won’t carry a load or one that is stuck in position is a time delay waiting to happen. Liftgate repairs are easy to diagnose, and the repairs are typically straight forward. There are only a few basic components that make up your lift, so we can fix you up and get you moving quickly.

Some of the most common liftgate problems you’ll experience are listed below.

liftgate being repaired in California
  • Platform not raising properly
  • Lift doesn’t raise when loaded
  • Platform drifts down when raised off the ground
  • Platform raises when loaded, but drifts back down slowly
  • Lift will not lower
  • Lift lowers very slowly
  • Hydraulic fluid leaking
Semi truck that needs radiator repairs

Radiator and Cooling System Repairs

Trucks often have overheating issues because of the tremendous load they are under on a regular basis. There are many different reasons why your truck might overheat, and one of the most common is radiator leaks and clogs.

Trucks often have overheating issues because of the tremendous load they are under on a regular basis. There are many different reasons why your truck might overheat, and one of the most common is radiator leaks and clogs.

An obvious cause of an overheating engine is a radiator leak. If your truck leaves a puddle behind everywhere you park, make sure it isn’t antifreeze. If your air conditioning vents have that unmistakable sweet smell, that’s another sign something is wrong with the cooling system. If you look under the hood when your truck is overheating, you might even be able to spot where the leak is coming from.

If you notice that your coolant level is constantly low, that’s a sign that you’re losing fluid somewhere. Call the pros at Truckers 24 Hour Road Service for all your cooling system repairs and maintenance in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Our techs will come to you and immediately diagnose your issue so you can avoid costly delays.

Electrical Repairs

The electrical system in your truck is made up of the battery, alternator, and starter. Though it’s only three components, they are responsible for starting your engine, keeping the engine running, and giving power to all the lights and a/c systems.

When you have an electrical problem, it can quickly spread to these other components and put you out of commission. Call Truckers 24 Hour Road Service for all of your semi truck electrical repairs. We will send a mobile mechanic to your location in the Los Angeles metro area.

We will help diagnose and repair problems with the following components:

Starter motor

The starter motor is responsible for cranking the engine through the starter solenoid and relay. That power is then sent to the engine which turns the flywheel to start the engine. A bad starter will put you out quickly because you won’t even get the truck started. Changing the starter is straight forward, but the system needs to be properly diagnosed to make sure that’s the cause of your problem.

Some symptoms of a bad starter include:

  • A clicking sound when you try to start the engine
  • A smoking starter or any electrical component
  • No activity when you turn the key


The battery is what gives power to the starter when you turn the key. Once the engine is started, the alternator takes over to keep the voltage at the proper level. But when your engine is off, the battery runs all the interior components such as tv’s microwaves and radios.

When your battery starts dying, there are some classic symptoms to look for.

  • Engine won’t start or is slow to crank
  • Battery dash light is on
  • Battery is leaking
  • Dim lights when the engine is off


The alternator is the power source for the engine once it’s started. As the alternator belt spins, it creates a current that powers the truck’s electrical systems and keeps the engine running.

When your alternator can’t generate the proper current anymore, it will start showing signs of being worn out.

Symptoms of a bad alternator:

  • Dead Battery
  • Noticeable loss of engine power
  • Whining or grinding coming from the alternator while running
  • Flickering or dim lights with the engine on