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Diesel Engine Repair

When you're in the Chicago area, our roadside truck repair specialists will do a full diagnostic to locate and identify your engine problem.

Most major engine issues start as small problems that are either overlooked or unknown. Here are just a few things to check every time you hop into your truck for another haul.

Oil check:

Checking your oil is such a simple thing, yet if there is a problem, that's a good first place to look. Leaking oil pans or contaminated oil can tell you a lot about looming problems in your truck's engine.

Radiator Check:

Since overheating is such a common problem in heavy duty truck engines, checking your coolant level and looking for any leaks is always a smart idea. Something as small as a $10 hose leak can quickly cause major engine failure if not caught early enough.

Fuel Vents:

Fuel vents are another overlooked problem area on big trucks. These vents can become contaminated or even make a good home for small animal and bug nests. Checking for any blockages will help your truck avoid costly engine trouble due to a lack of venting.

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Diesel Semi Truck Mechanics available 24/7

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Signs of Diesel Engine Trouble

Smoking Engine

A smoking is one of the most common signs that you have internal engine problems. The color of the smoke can indicate different areas to look at to find the root of the problem. Smoke can be white, blue, or black, and each one represents a different area of engine issues. If the smoke is:

White: Normally caused by a loss of engine compression or could indicate a problem with the engine timing.

Blue: Indicates a problem with cylinders, engine seals or piston rings. Definitely not a good thing.

Black: Fuel components are usually to blame. Look for dirty or damaged injectors or a clogged fuel filter.

Overheating Engine

Engine overheating is a common problem with Heavy Duty trucks, but it's almost always a fixable problem. Though you should have an overheating engine looked at immediately, there are a few warning signs that might be causing this problem.

Low Coolant: Even a small drop in coolant level can cause your engine to overheat. Keep it to the full line always.

Fans not working: If your fans aren't working or aren't coming on at the right time, your engine will quickly overheat.

Broken or worn belts: A simple belt that isn't engaging a pulley can mean the difference between a cool engine and an overheating one.

Diesel engine getting repaired in Chicago, IL

Starting Problems

A hard starting engine is always a coin toss. Will it start this time? Can your battery handle the attempted starts when it takes so many to get it to crank? what about when it's cold out? Does your starter hesitate or have a mind of it's own?

Don't let starting trouble keep you from getting where you need to be. Our professional roadside truck repair specialists will check all the components of your starting and charging system to make sure everything is in working order. From alternators, starters, and batteries to wiring, relays and computer systems, we have the tools and knowledge to accurately and quickly find your starting problem.