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Air Brake Repairs

When you're in the Chicago area, our on site truck repair techs will do a full diagnostic on your truck’s electrical system to locate and identify the problem. Accurately diagnosing a truck's electrical problems takes experience and knowledge.

Understanding the relationship between battery sizes and alternator charge rates can help you to locate an electrical problem and possibly avoid future problems. In cold temperatures, batteries don't hold a charge as well, which can often lead to dead batteries or hard starting.

Battery and alternator cables also play a very important role in the proper operating of your electrical system. Though you might have the right battery and alternator, if the cables aren't able to deliver the voltage or charge, you'll have problems.

And if your truck uses an Auxilliary Power Unit, your alternator has to be large enough to handle the extra charging needs. Without the understanding of all aspects of a semi truck's electrical system, diagnosing won't be as simple and straight forward as you'd expect.

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Diesel Semi Truck Mechanics available 24/7

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One of the main reasons for diesel engines to overheat is a coolant leak. Hoses can dry rot over time, which leads to cracks and leaking that quickly leads to overheating. If the truck is driven too long without the proper cooling, your entire engine is at risk. Even a small hole in the radiator can cause enough fluid loss to be a major problem if left alone.

Don't let a $50 hose become a $10,000 engine replacement because you didn't get it fixed right the first time. When you call Midwest Truck Repair, we will inspect the entire system, checking every hose, fitting and mechanical part to make sure we find the source of the problem, not just mask the symptoms. Through our large network of parts suppliers, we'll get the parts you need quickly and be able to get you back to normal operation with the shortest possible downtime.

Common Air Brake Malfunctions

Diesel Engine Repairs

Diesel engines are tough, but they are still prone to wear and tear. For engine repairs, call the best mobile truck mechanic in Chicago.

Cooling System Repairs

Overheating is an all too common problem with big rigs. Heavy loads can cause leaks and failures. Call today and we'll come to you!

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Having suspension trouble? Call us today and we'll get your truck balanced out while you sit tight. Call today for service in the greater Chicago area.

Air Brake Repairs

Brake failures are no joke. Don't let a neglected brake job cause an accident. We do emergency brake repairs as well as routine maintenance.

Electrical Repairs

Your truck is a wonderland of electrical wires. If your lights are flickering or your truck is hard starting, call today for your electrical truck repair needs.

Trailer Repairs

A sound trailer is integral to your success as a truck driver. We handle all manner of trailer repairs from lift gates to trim parts to air suspension.